colour workshop


It’s the first coloring approach to face basic themes concerning colorimetry. The colorimetry discipline concerns the standardization of colour measurement trough the study of some models. The colour is a subjective characteristic that means that only exists in eyes and brain of the observer. Because it is not an objective element, there is the need to study and measure it, classify it to reproduce it.

Basic color programme is planned in two sessions: theory and practice. It’s addressed to beginners workers or who would like to enhance his knowledge about coloring technique.

The essential characteristics of our coloring idea are brilliance and versatility. The Advanced colour training wants to emphasize these aspects through the execution of different and exclusive techniques. The aim is raising coloring art to an higher level of quality and increase economic benefits.


Hairstyles are important, from a trichological and esthetic point of view, and represent an important aspect of everyday life. It’s our business card that makes us confident with the others and ourselves and ready to face with judgements.

Every hairstylist has his personality, his style and leaves his mark in the haircuts and the other services. Everyone has some talents but professional training is necessary to make them appear and face better competition.

Workshops, fairs, shows and job meetings, books, travels and everything else can help us in personal and professional growth.

For this reason, Color Store training courses don’t offer only the classic and guaranteed “haircut, colour and hairstyle” but our training programmes are enriched with extraordinary lessons that we like to define “special”.

We want professionals! Trained, cultured and educated professionals with a huge passion for their job, able to release positive energy and be communication experts. If you like challenges and you feel stimulated from this all, welcome to Color Store!

We will do the best for you and make available all the means we have to help you success. Together we can!
The objective of the Color store Academy training programme is easy resumed in the word EMPOWERMENT that means the acquisition of power in professional and relational areas.

Color Store Academy was born with the aim of link the art and the love for your job with professionality and skills of a manager able to lead his work team toward the est results. Color Store offers detailed fashion immages to emphasize colours and shapes in order to make our partners have the best advertising strategy.