From past to present our hair shows precise messages, tells roles, status, cultures.

Hair express emotions. We pick it up, leave it loose, short, long, multicolored or with a strong color, decorated with brooches, clips, symbols or fabrics, this is a  multicultural behavior, valid in every country of the world.

Hair represents an important business card for a woman,  it often express moods and changes, more than anything else; an haircut can represent a point with the past and a new beginning, while an Hair color change can tell a period of life and communicate more than a thousand words.Especially for women  hair may be the mirror of soul.

Anima is a collection dedicated to travel, it fully reflects contemporary woman who is able to blend her roots with cultures from different countries, who knows how to live the city in full with its ferments, between daily and worldly commitments of Modern metropolis.

We wanted to be directed to show a true femininity, strong in its simplicity, without extremes, we preferred naturalness to the artwork. Soul in all cultures is the real part of us, it does’n have superstructures, filters, and camouflage.

We create long, soft, sensual waves, light on the lengths and climbed on top, with grunge style, tufts or fringes. For dark colors, we enjoyed mixing shades of brown, leather, chocolate with Perlage cinnamon, caramel, copper and bronze, while for light ones we used blond sand, mixed with pastel reflexes and contrasts, shades of turquoise, pink, Lavender, and gray pearl.

We are sure that many women love this style and appreciate our proposals.