Duality is the condition that always characterizes human lives, in religious, mythological, philosophical, scientific spheres.
Paradoxically both science and myth converge in this direction, man and the universe were created by a primordial division.
In the major religions’ sacred texts of the world the Universe story begins with a split, and God (or Gods) divided first of all, light from darkness, heaven from earth, man from woman, good from bad. History repeats itself in the myth of the ancient civilizations, from the greek, to this day, and in spiritual idea of the new age. Before the split there is the ONE, which encompasses everything; before the Big Bang, before matter and radiation, before separation between light and dark. The consequence of this split will always bring man to a choice , a decision.

We can find the myth of the double in the tradition of Ancient Greece, the myth of Hermaphrodite, son of Hermes and Aphrodite, which was realized the union of opposites. According to Plato, in the beginning the world was inhabited only by hermaphrodites, which were divided into two halves by Zeus, to limit the powers and the insolence of human beings.

Jealousy towards human perfection, the gods separated them into two parts with lightning, creating from every human primordial one man and one woman. As a consequence, every human being will try to regain its initial completeness trying his lost half. He will then start the soulmate myth.

At the end of its path of consciousness man finds himself the union, he will know exactly what is the division and be able to say: “I am the opposite of division. I am the union. “